About Us

The Origin & Works

The ideas and enlightenment for Postal Prayers derived from the fundamental concept of postal delivery. Mail is one of the most primitive forms of communication, found in both testaments of the Bible as well as other historical texts. Simple in nature while powerful in function, postal media has a distinct novelty despite modern forms of communication. Message, envelope, address, return, and stamp.

Just as letters are sent to people in the mail, we send our prayers to the Lord. The delivery is swift, the messages received & read, and our answers returned. Always priority, never junk (oh, and the postage is free.)

Perhaps it’s the literal matrimony between mail and prayers that bore this organization. The idea is to provide a service to anyone who needs prayer, which quite frankly, is everyone. Simply contact us with your prayer request, provide a postal address, and that’s it! The message we pray to the Father will be sent to you in an envelope at no charge. Your letter, a written testimony, brings a unique sentiment of encouragement and support.

The Mission

The mission of Postal Prayers is to provide a first-class service to the Lord and His children through hand-written prayers in the form of letters. May we honour the Father and encourage His followers through our works.

The Vision

The vision of Postal Prayers is to expand into a global network of prayer ministry. Through community support, both financial & spiritual, we will have the resources and wisdom to operate and serve worldwide. Increased finances for paper products and philatelics, as well as bilingual employees will expand the Postal Prayer network.